ST Nazaire: The South Entrance Lock

Looking north from below the Rue de l'Ecluse, towards the U-Boat Pens: the lifting bridge shown mid-picture, is Bridge 'D', the 'Bridge of Memories'. Colonel Newman's depleted band, many of them wounded, only lightly-armed and  short of ammunition , somehow managed to force a passage , right to left, in the face of withering defensive fire.

Above is the reverse image, taken from the top of the U-Boat Pens, looking south, past Bridge 'D', towards the Old Town site , Avant Port and Estuary approaches. This lock was the primary access point for U-Boats seeking to reach the shelter of the pens. It was also the scene of much fanfare as newly provisioned boats prepared to leave on war patrols. Prominent in the background is the tall chimney of the Power Station Complex, shown below.

Where the South Entrance joins the Avant Port, is to be found the Power Station Complex, a primary target on the 'Night of the Commando', which somehow escaped the destruction later meted out to the rest of the Old Town, located on top of the rise shown left of image.

The Complex viewed from the west side of the lock, showing swing-bridge 'B', the most southerly of the targets assigned to parties scheduled to land at the Old
Mole. The white structure shown above left, is the 'Pilotage'. A rotating web-cam view of  area  taken from just in front of this building can be accessed via  by clicking on the 'eye' icon next to the power station.